12 agosto 2012

Rain of Poemns over London - Lluvia de Poemas sobre Londres

Para los que no se enteraron, sobre Londres efectuaron esta vez su performance le lluvia-bombardeo de poemas los Casagrande este pasado 26 de junio. Entre lo miles de marcapáginas con poemas de más de 300 escritores de todo el mundo andaba este mío. Gracias a los chicos por invitarme nuevamente a ser parte de este evento.

What can I do, that’s what I’m saying, what can I do
because if I agree and we go to see the city lights
I won’t be able to stop my self and get near and touch you
softly maybe on the back the neck
and I couldn’t handle it

I’d say you don’t deserve that kind of insult
but I’ll do it all the same

I’d let you walk very near so as to touch me
there’d be no way back I’d corner you
without permission no doubt elegantly
I’d put my hands on your waist
I’d let the air full of pittosporums
the nose the tongue and that electric trembling
from the shoulders down

It would be the end of the idea, my love
the end of this diabolical tension
in books and films the ghost
we’d go along the pavement with the taste
of strawberries in our mouths
I’d go back home afterwards alone
I’d kiss my man
and I’d go to the mirror to call the devil

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